Distrupting the industry & why we are the best should be told below

To be clear, immedia makes 100 things and truth be told it’s managed by one individual. I often times feel more comfortable speaking as a company but everyone knows it’s your favorite homeboy Kristian from Helsinki, Finland

If you are WordPress -maniac like i am, you might be wondering why im using this boring theme that clearly has non-fancy wibe to it. But for real, i really dont feel like this website has to be that cool. Straight to facts & cut the rest!

What do you do Kristian?

I’ve been importing alot from all over the world. Manufacturing and creating products that make the difference.

Im focused on electronic products such as computer parts, vending machines, headphones and charging products.

I have had few ecommerces, former stores ssd-konkarit.fi and volani.fi. 2017-2018. The most recent store is Piuhaton.fi, reselling and manufacturing QI-chargers. Established June 2019.

I love marketing. Im obsessed to get my voice out there. Social media advertising has been my s#it for the last 2 years. I’ve been developing my skills with my ecommerce-stores and getting amazing ROI performances.

I have also build a ton of websites on WordPress, every project of mine is completely self-made.

Cool story bro, how can i contact you with my offerings, Kristian?

I love reading email, thats basically one of my hobbies. So man, dont hesitate – send me some love. But remember to start your email-pitch with something unique and outstanding. Not like 97% that try to be too formal and boring. If you manage to stand-out from the crowd, you will have better opportunity to get my attention. Here’s my email:


VAT FI28454071

Telephone (+358) 40 220 2723